About Kyla

Hi I’m Kyla, founder of Move Anew. I’ve been a mover most of my life, enjoying everything from relaxing walks in the woods to the intensity of high performance athletics (volleyball) in University.

I considered myself a reasonably active and fit person, until things went sideways for my body during my first  pregnancy when my mobility became significantly affected by Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction.

Listening to health professionals telling me this was a pregnancy issue that might be somewhat managed but not resolved was frustrating, but everything turned around completely when I learned about Restorative Exercise.

Why I love Restorative Exercise

I learned that my Sacro-Iliac issue wasn’t a “pregnancy” issue, it was a whole-body alignment, strength-imbalance issue. Embracing the philosophy of Restorative Exercise gave me the tools and strategies I needed to heal my body in more ways than I realized it needed.

Today, I am pain-free and more confident in my body and its resilience than I have ever been. Through this journey I have been constantly amazed at the changes that purposeful, healthy movement can make, and I am so excited to be able to help others continue to explore and achieve their physical potential, at any age or stage.

"Kyla is very passionate about natural movement. Her training in functional anatomy and movement mechanics are paired with a humble curiosity about what makes us move the way we do. Kyla offers her clients an opportunity to explore healthy body alignment, reduce pain, and learn how to move better for the rest of your life! ~Tera Winter, M.Sc. (Kinesiology-biomechanics)"


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