Move Anew Sessions

A New Way of Thinking About How your Body Moves.

Learn simple movements to ease pain and that easily integrate into your daily routine.

The primary goal of Restorative Exercise is to help people identify and address areas in their body that hold too much or unnecessary tension.

These tension patterns become well-ingrained through the movement habits that we adapt during our developing years, and from living our daily lives (Desks! Technology! Cars! Chairs! Gravity! Carrying children! Repetitive Exercise, Etc...). The problem is that this tension prevents our joints from moving through their normal ranges of motion. Other areas of the body then need to compensate which often results in pain, discomfort, and/or injury. It can also cause reduced strength and weakness that over time we just attribute to getting older.

Which Session Is Right For Me?

Explore Your Options To Becoming Pain Free

Private Sessions:

Private sessions provide you with individualized attention for a particular movement goal. Flexible scheduling and location allows the greatest convenience for you.

We start with an intro session (1.5hr) so we can get to know each other, you can tell me all about your movement challenges and goals, and I'll assess how you move. You’ll be given my undivided attention while we work through exercises that are specific to your needs. Subsequent sessions are 2-4 weeks apart to allow you to integrate movements and habits into your daily life. After each session, you’ll receive a post-session document outlining a selection of exercises/movements/habits to focus on as you work towards achieving your movement goals.


Series are good options if you have a specific areas or topics you’d like to focus on.

A series requires advance sign up and will be offered weekly for a 4-8 week period. Series may cover topics such as Dynamic Aging, prenatal/postnatal, healthy feet, walking, movement as play, “Undesk yourself”, “Movement hacks for busy people”, etc.


Workshops provide a good opportunity to dive deeper into a specific topic. They may be held for 2 hours or up to a full day depending on the topic and locations may vary.

Note: if you have an idea you’d like to explore, and a group of friends that are interested, please let me know and a workshop or series can be designed for your group!

School Programming

School programming brings enriched movement opportunities into the classroom or gym. Focusing on functional movement, programming emphasizes the importance of increasing quality movement and decreasing sedentary time. With a mix of fun physical movement challenges and activities designed to improve body awareness, improve flexibility, strength, and balance, this program is sure to be a hit with both students and educators.

A focus of the Move Anew perspective is that movement shouldn't be limited to "exercise" time. This aligns with growing understanding that students learn best when provided with increased movement opportunities. All school programming will include cross-curricular connections, related DPA activities and movement breaks to encourage students to become more active throughout the day.

Specific Movement Sessions:


Move Anew...Feet First

Chronic foot pain is pervasive in our culture, and can profoundly affect daily life and activities. Our feet are the only connection we have to the ground when we’re standing and walking, and plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer/mallet toes, flat feet, corns and generalized achiness are common complaints. Solutions to these issues often require medical intervention (i.e. surgery) or a lifetime of treatment, orthotics, and/or pain medication but there may be another way. In this workshop, you’ll get up close and personal with your feet and discover that you have the power to help them heal. You’ll learn basic foot anatomy and how your foot issues likely result from mechanical input—that you can change. Put your best foot forward, and start your journey to better foot health today! Please contact Kyla for more information on how to sign up.

Additional info:

  • This workshop is 3 hours in length and will be offered regularly.
  • The book “Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief” by Katy Bowman is recommended reading, but is not required.
  • The next workshop will run in Perth on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 (12-3pm). Please contact Kyla at to register or for more information.

Healthier Hips in 8 weeks

Do you have sore, achy, or tight hips? Come problem-solve solutions with us!

Tight hips affect the whole body, but effects might be especially noticeable in the low back, in the knees, and in the feet (go figure!). Sore, achy hips are a symptom, not a diagnosis. We'll take a whole-body approach to improve body/movement awareness and to strengthen and mobilize our hips. Your balance will improve, and you'll be much more confident and stable moving forward (pun intended!). The next Healthier Hips Series will be scheduled for Spring of 2020 in Perth. Check back here mid-March for the dates or sign up for updates so you don't miss it!

Dynamic Aging (8 class series)

Challenge the idea that aging means inevitable physical decline.

In this popular movement series/book club, we’ll read and discuss Katy Bowman’s book “Dynamic Aging”, and you’ll be guided through all of the exercises.

  • Improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and confidence
  • Learn how to add healthy movement to your life without sacrificing time
  • Take control of your nagging aches and pains

The next Dynamic Aging Series will be scheduled for the Spring of 2020 in Perth. Check back here mid-March for the dates or sign up for updates so you don't miss it!

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"I have been fortunate to have benefitted from a couple of one-on-one classes with Kyla, as well as 4 group lessons. Kyla has so much to teach - and does so with a great deal of knowledge, clarity and enthusiasm. She was able to identify my issues and prescribe changes in daily physical behaviour as well as exercises to assist in improving my overall physical well being.That's one of the awesome benefits of this program. You can work it into your daily activities! For the most part, there is no need to schedule a particular time of day to do your exercise program!"

What Is Restorative Exercise?

Restorative Exercise™ is a movement program designed by Katy Bowman, MS. It is based on her years of research and practice as a bio-mechanist working with people with both acute and chronic injuries. These exercises and movements help you to become more aware of how you move your body.