An important distinction about "Restorative Exercise" is that it isn't really "exercise" in the fitness sense. We don't do sets and reps, or high intensity physical activity. Restorative Exercise sessions help you to develop body awareness using alignment points, specific cues, and mindful movement. Restorative Exercise will allow you to build strength and increase range of motion and ability without requiring dedicated "exercise" time. This is not a strength-building-through-exercise program, this is a strength-building-through-better-movement-in-everyday-life program. You'll still have time for the activities that mean the most to you and the best part is, you'll be more likely to enjoy them pain-free!

You can expect to spend as much or as little time on the exercises as you’d like. Many movements can be incorporated into your daily life and don’t require time be set aside. Exercises will also be provided, but many of these can be done at sedentary times in your day (i.e. reading, talking on the phone, watching tv, etc.). One of the most important recommendations I’ll make is to increase the amount you walk during the day. We’ll discuss how to increase this gradually, in practical ways (e.g. park further from the entrance to the store, walk around the block if you arrive early, find a walking buddy and get some social time, etc.)

If you have an acute injury, I recommend that you see your preferred health practitioner (Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Osteopath, etc.) until the injury has calmed down. Once you are past the acute phase, this is a great time for us to work together to figure out why the injury occurred, and work towards preventing it from happening again.

You can most definitely prevent your body from “wearing out”! Our bodies are not designed to wear out. Consider someone with a sore knee who attributes it to age. Why is the other knee not also sore? Many of our “worn out” joints get this way from a pattern of misalignment, muscle imbalance, and/or unhealthy movement habits. It is almost certainly NOT too late to make a change in any of these areas. This work is empowering, and I will show you how to take back control from your aches and pains so that you can enjoy your favourite activities again.

This is one of the best goals. It is an extremely motivating goal, and moving for fun is, well, FUN!

Nearly everyone’s balance is terrible. We hide our chronic imbalance by always moving forward when we’re on one leg. Just like when you ride a bicycle, it’s much easier to maintain balance on one leg with forward momentum! This program will show you WHY your balance isn’t what you’d like and you’ll learn simple, actionable steps (pun intended!) that you can work into your everyday routine.

The program can be done entirely with equipment you have at home. I may make suggestions and recommendations of specific products that may enhance your program but these tend to be relatively inexpensive.

If, after exploring the website and some of the linked content, you aren’t sure if Restorative Exercise can help you, please be in touch. Email me at moveanew@gmail.com to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!