Move Anew offers a fresh approach to movement that fosters improvement in strength, balance and body awareness through everyday movements.

Becoming more aware of how you move and use your body is the most important step in learning to move in a healthier way.

As we move through life, repetitive movement patterns and habits literally shape our bodies in ways that change
the ranges of joint motion and create harmful tension patterns. Our incredibly resilient bodies adapt
and compensate as much as they can, but these compensations often result in pain, injury, and less
strength/ability that we just attribute to getting older. Move Anew sessions use the principles of
Restorative Exercise to empower you to explore and improve how you move so that you can enjoy
your favourite activities, pain-free.

What Is Restorative Exercise?

Restorative Exercise is a movement program designed by Katy Bowman, MS, founder of Nutritious Movement™ . It is based on her years of research and practice as a biomechanist working with people with both acute and chronic injuries. The program presents a wide variety of exercises and movements to help you to become more aware of how you move your body.

"I had the pleasure of doing a RE session with Kyla recently, and was very impressed by her ability to isolate and identify specific movements or parts of movements / joint action that would benefit from slight modification. Her explanations were thorough and easy to follow, and her enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism made the experience very pleasant as well as enlightening. I have been incorporating her suggestions into my daily activities, and I am so excited to see that making such small changes, in a way that doesn’t take a lot of effort or “add work” to my day, can make a positive impact on how I move and feel. Thank you, Kyla!"

Move Anew Sessions

A New Way of Thinking About How your Body Moves.


Private sessions provide you with individualized attention for a particular movement goal. Flexible scheduling and location allows the greatest convenience for you.


A series will include 4-6 sessions held weekly. This format allows you to explore a specific area or topic in greater depth.


Workshops provide a good opportunity to dive deeper into a specific topic. Workshops may be held for a half or full day and topics/locations will vary.

School programming:

A variety of programs are available for schools, from 1 hour workshops to weekly sessions, and beyond. Programming focuses on functional movement and developing physical awareness and literacy. Cross-curricular links, and DPA and movement break activities can also be provided to encourage healthy, productive movement throughout the day.

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