Healthier Hips in 8 Weeks – Perth

Until I realized how tight my hips were, I didn’t realize how tight my hips were.

Until I realized how much hip mobility matters, I didn’t realize how much hip mobility matters.

Tight hips affect the whole body, but effects might be especially noticeable in the low back, in the knees, and in the feet (go figure!). Issues in these places might be sneakily caused by painless hip immobility/dysfunction.

Alternatively, you might be dealing with achy, cranky hips that are limiting your activities.

Either way… there is hope!

In this series, you’ll learn about and play around with the relationships between different areas of your body. Find out why your foot position might be making your hips hurt, or why your tight hips might be causing trouble in your low back… You’ll learn, you’ll move, and you’ll come away with a better awareness of how your body is moving. You’ll also learn helpful exercises to get stuck parts unstuck, as well as tips and tricks to help you move more of your parts in more ways in daily life–no extra time required!

For more information or to register, please e-mail Kyla at Spaces are limited!


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