Dynamic Aging Book Club and Movement Series (Perth)

This series explores a paradigm-shifting perspective on movement. Join us to learn how to enhance all the ways you’re already moving, and to discover how to add movement variety to your day in a way that doesn’t require any extra time!

What people are saying about this class:

“I became much more aware of my body movement, how I walk and sit and move. I want to stay mobile and active as I get older and the classes felt just right for me. Everything we covered was easy to transition to my everyday walking and physical activities. Reading information from a book is good but does not compare to actually getting first hand information and guidance.”

“(We) thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the workshops in a way that has changed the way we think about managing our aging and introduced us to ways to improve our knowledge, attitude and experience about our physical well being. Kyla is an outstanding leader who engages with all participants at their particular level within a structured class presentation.”

Spring is a perfect time to improve your movement–join us for this series to learn how to move better every day.

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