My family was at a birthday party the other day, and my two year old was sitting at a low table about to eat a cupcake. I squatted down to help her navigate the icing and heard, “Wow! You made that (squat) look so easy! I could never do that, even when I was your […]

The sky’s the limit

I’ve grown a half inch in the last 7 months. Those who know me may chuckle at this, since I’m already one of the tallest women they know. And now I’m taller?? I’ve always said that I’m 6’2″. That was my official height when I played volleyball. I was the tallest in the university league […]

On the (flat and) level

I’m going to level with you. I like idioms. Apologies in advance if you don’t share my idiomatic enthusiasm. I have to level with you about something else: There is far too much level in your life. In fact, there’s an excellent chance that on any given day, the only input your body receives from […]

Our default is “easy”

I dropped big kiddo off at school today and decided to walk the block and a half from the school to the library with little kiddo. It took us 30 minutes. We weren’t in a rush. Time stands still when 1. it’s a beautiful day, 2. your company is an inquisitive almost-two-year-old, and 3. you’re running […]

The force within you

Let’s talk forces and paradigm shifts. I worked my tiny little ciliary muscles too hard last weekend, and my first thought was to write about the eye, and the muscles, and the mechanics of it all. The nuts and bolts. The why. I love the why. Here‘s the post. With another day to reflect, I’ve […]

Ouch, my eyes!

It’s been a strange week for me movement-wise. I’ve been a stay-at-home-mama for 4 years, and haven’t consumed a lot of tech in super-concentrated amounts. Especially lately with my almost 2 year old completely obsessed with needing the phone every time it comes out. And the computer? Forget it! I only use the computer when […]

Perth! Move Anew: With Baby/Toddler is coming in May!

I am so pleased and excited to announce that the first Move Anew group session has been scheduled in Perth. This first session will be geared towards moms (or dads, if any are interested!), as we navigate the movement challenges that are part of child-rearing, especially in the early years. The earliest of the early […]

The big reveal… can you improve your balance in 10 minutes?

The results of the super duper scientific study I conducted yesterday to determine whether you can improve your balance in 10 minutes are in! I could tell you the results here, but I’m going to make you work for them… so keep on reading, or scroll to the bottom if that’s how you roll–pro skim […]

How to improve your balance…in 10?

I found out a couple of weeks ago that our local library is hosting a How-To-in-10-Minutes fair. Very neat. There are lots of interesting ideas that will be presented ranging from flower arranging, emergency preparedness, seed starting, to becoming a citizen scientist. Move Anew will be there too and that bit about the citizen scientist […]

Let’s talk goals. Part 1: A manifesto of sorts

Goals are a big concept. BIG. Bigger than one post big. Hence the Part 1. Part 1 will be about my goals. Why did I take this training? Why did I work so hard through baby naps and late nights for two YEARS with two young children when I could have sat back and lived […]