Calm Before The Storm

A crazy weather front came through today, with gusts of wind up to 100km/hr. A good day to be inside when you live in a forest. It was predicted to hit late morning, so the little ‘un and I headed out into the freezing cold rain while it was still calm. This kid LOVES to […]

The BEST (free) workout!

  Step one: Pick up a child. Step two: Go for a walk. Step three: Return child (if it wasn’t yours). Note: If it is not your child, you should probably give the parents a heads-up before attempting Step 1. Just a thought. Leave the carrier, stroller, wagon at home and carry that squirmy, wiggly, […]

New With Baby/Toddler Session Starting in Merrickville

You had a baby! Congratulations! Pregnancy and child-rearing come with unique physical requirements that can be challenging. Now your baby is/babies are here, and you’d like to be more active, but it’s so hard to find the time and energy! Move Anew…With Baby/Toddler will help you explore the movements you do Didn’t I JUST […]

What My Tight Calves Are Telling Me

I have tight calves. It’s my thing. It’s been true as long as I can remember. I played volleyball competitively, and I had the tightest calves the trainers had seen. I wore that like a badge of honour, because otherwise it was just annoying. It didn’t matter how many minutes I stretched my calves before […]

Ideas About Movement

Hello, and welcome to the Move Anew blog! I’m really excited and a little nervous (but mostly excited!) to have a blog up and running. The deeper I get into the realm of movement, the more there is to share! My intention is to use this space to pass along ideas about movement: how to […]